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Executive MCM Philosophy

Executive Medical Case Management's foundation to provide specialized case management services is based on first-class standards that are exclusive with Executive MCM's commitment to the fundamental elements of exceptional, cost effective, comprehensive and timely case management services.  Executive MCM’s case management process focuses on providing occupational and auto related injured claimants personalized case management services.

Executive MCM understands that the case management of an injured claimant requires professional intervention and dedication.  Coordination of care through efficient use of resources can be provided effectively and supportively for the injured claimant while reducing overall expenditures.  Quality and continuity of care, coupled with the assurance of appropriate and timely intervention, are crucial elements for the injured claimant’s recovery to attain his or her optimal level of functioning. 

While each claimant is unique to his or her injury, needs, and concerns, the goal of Executive MCM is to coordinate medical case management by facilitating treatment options and services focused on the identified health needs of the injured claimant.

Executive MCM's ultimate mission is to meet the needs of the claimant and to maintain high quality, timely and cost effective case resolution.


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